Our Story


Ahmet Kaşıbeyaz

The story of Kaşıbeyaz starts with its founder Ahmet and a dream he experienced as a young boy.

He dreamt of being deep inside a cave and seeing the vision in front of him; a swirling dervish dressed in white. As the dervish spun around and around, Ahmet discovered clumps of gold and immediately felt blessed. The next day, he rushed to tell his friends at school, only to realise that his eyebrow had turned white. Ahmet, who believed that this dream changed his life, then changed his previous surname ‘Besim’ to ‘Kaşıbeyaz’; ‘Kaş’ meaning eyebrow and ‘Beyaz’ white. And that, is how Kaşıbeyaz was born…

SINCE 1974

Kasibeyaz first opened its doors in 1974

Kaşıbeyaz was established in 1974 in Aksaray as a family-run business and has grown to become one of Türkiye’s most beloved restaurant brands, remaining a family-centric brand and destination. Celebrating Anatolian Cuisine in suitably stylish locations, Kaşıbeyaz pioneered combining traditional Turkish cuisine with contemporary design, for almost half a century.

Whether dining with unique views across the Bosphorus in Istanbul, or meeting up with friends and family in the heart of Dubai’s community, Kaşıbeyaz continues to bring people together around the world for timeless flavours and cherished memories.